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Screenshots of DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
  • DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
Description of DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet (from google play)

DANA is Indonesia's digital wallet that can be counted on anytime, anywhere. With our mighty all-in-one app, you can safely make cashless and cardless payments for everyday needs such as offline purchases, mobile top ups, and bill payments. DANA's wide range of features provide you with the convenience of faster and more practical transactions.

DANA Protection - Money Back Guaranteed
Empowering you with a multi-layered security system that keeps all DANA transactions safe and secured.

Scan QR Code to Pay
Enjoy quick and easy payments at the cashier by simply scanning your DANA QR Code.

Send & Receive Money With Ease
Transfer to others without addtional fees by using their mobile phone number and receive money in an instant with just a scan of your DANA QR code.

Hassle-Free Bill Payments
Save more on mobile recharge and also pay for all your bills including electricity, water, BPJS, and installments!

Use DANA Balance or Bank Cards?
Easily make payments with either your DANA Balance or a Debit/Credit card securely saved in the DANA app.

DANA Surprize
Get extra cashback & discounts! With every transaction of at least Rp20k, you will receive a token to play DANA Surprize & win amazing vouchers.

Choose DANA today, Indonesia's most trusted and reliable digital wallet.

*For security reasons, DANA can't be used on jailbreak/rooted devices.

Version history DANA - Indonesia's Digital Wallet
New in DANA 2.2.0
In the midst of this pandemic,
we must protect everyone.
Take care of ourselves & others
to be comfortable together.

While you’re busy protecting yourself
DANA’s busy improving the app!

Thus, in this update,
Nearby brings helpful
new changes~

It’s easier now to find
DANA Merchant on Nearby.
The results are spot on
as the merchant’s category
will filter & search it accurately!

Plus, the new clean
& pleasing design
will make everything extra enjoyable!

Do yourself a favor and update the app~
New in DANA 2.1.1
Traveling to Jogja
then go to Maluku
Hello Teman DANA,
here are new features for you!

Introducing, the features that will make your life #BebasDrama: Education & Google Payment.

Pay your tuition fees using DANA.
We have 360 registered schools,
UNIs, and courses
spread across Indonesia!

Love to buy stuff on GooglePlay?
Now you can pay it all using DANA!
Make sure to link your DANA account
to enjoy this new feature~

Join the #BebasDrama life by updating the app now!
New in DANA 2.0.0
Redecorating can really lift the mood.

Changing the layout,
or upgrading an existing item.
You'll never get tired looking at it.

In this update,
we’re bringing the newly
decorated version of DANA!

Check DANA's new homepage!
We make sure everything's
nicer & cleaner.
Your mood will only go up
after opening our app

!See the Feed update too.
It'll be faster now to get promo info
as you can access it in real-time.
Be FOMO-free from now on!

Let's update & share your experience with us~
New in DANA 1.37.0
4 Signs You're Living the #BebasDrama Life

1. Bebas Bokek. Not afraid to Send Money to another bank, it’s free of admin fees on DANA.
2. Bebas Cemas. Always be at peace, each transaction is protected by DANA Protection.
3. Bebas Gaptek. No longer get confused over scattered balance, you can combine it for payment using SmartPay.
4. Bebas Ribet. Change the payment method easily. Both DANA Balance and saved bank card can be relied on.

Live the #BebasDrama life with DANA and update the app now!
New in DANA 1.36.0
Life goes by too quickly
that we must run to catch up.
But with this new DANA update,
we believe you'll be able to do it just fine!

Because in this update,
we're bringing you
the finer version of DANA.

You can do transactions
as fast as you want, and
as much as you can!

No more bugs and lags,
everything runs smoothly, guaranteed!
We believe you'll never
waste your time with DANA.

So, ready to pursue your life with DANA? Let's update now!
New in DANA 1.35.0
People said that “time is money,"
well, they're not wrong.
After all, it is valuable
and we must learn to cherish it.

Because of how important time is
we spent our time cleaning up
behind the scenes to bring you
the even better and faster version of DANA!

We make sure everything runs seamlessly
with no lags or bugs
so you can transact
swiftly on DANA. Guaranteed!

Are you ready to value your time with DANA?
Let's update now!
New in DANA 1.34.0
We know you miss hanging out
The conversation, the place
Spending time with family and friends
Oh, the things you don’t wanna miss out

Worry not. We can still connect digitally
through social media and even through DANA!

In Feed, now you can add a username
and it will appear in every interaction
Create your most creative one
and give comments, reviews, and also saymojis
How fun is that?

Hurry up, click the Update button
and let's connect more!
New in DANA 1.33.1
Hi Teman DANA! Do you believe that something great usually grows out of many small things put together?

Well, we do, and we hope you do too!

Let's say "bye" to bugs and "hello" to a better experience because we’re bringing some ✨specific updates✨ for you.

Mark our words, this upgrade will surely help DANA grows to be even greater than before!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the "Update" button now!
New in DANA 1.32.0
Love language comes in different shapes.

Some may want to give or receive gifts. Others prefer to spend hours & hours with their precious one.

Well, our love language for you guys is consistency!

We keep coming back with updates. We make sure everything runs smoothly, with no lags or bugs that will disturb your experience.

So, are you ready to feel our love language? Click update and tell us how you like that!

*For security reasons, DANA can't be used on jailbreak/rooted devices.
New in DANA 1.31.1
I follow all the trend
That’ll keep me up to date
Let's tell all of your friends
The Credit Card feature has a new update!

Worried about the security of your credit card data? On DANA, your data is protected by PCI-DSS. It is safe, guaranteed!

While at it, enjoy the new sleek design updates so you can use the Credit Card feature more comfortably!

Let's live pleasantly by updating your DANA app now!
New in DANA 1.30.1
We believe that big things start small.

So, in this update, we hauled some small upgrades here and there!
Not only that, we also killed some bugs to improve our app’s performance.

While it may seem like nothing, but you can definitely experience the great impact it brought.

Update now and have fun with a more seamless DANA app!
New in DANA 1.29.0
Change is good.
Change is trying things you’ve never done before.
Change is an endless possibility.

Change can be big,
or just a small leap outside your comfort zone.
Change is much needed,
doesn’t matter where it takes places—
inside or outside.

We keep changing in the new version.
Brought some upgrades here and there,
killed bugs and improved performance,
to enhance the seamless experience.

Update your DANA app now,
and let’s change for good!
New in DANA 1.28.0
It’s never too late to create new resolutions for your goals & make ‘em come true.

Let us introduce you to the amazing DANA Goals that will:
- Help you set aside DANA Balance to achieve your goal
- Let you create 10 goals max. with many categories
- Set you free from a minimum starting balance

Since security is our priority, we also give you extra protection with Trusted Device. Register & set your device as the trusted one, & manage account login from 1 device only.

Let's update now!
New in DANA 1.27.1
Imagine a world where you could always pay recurring payments in time.

Well, in 2021, it is no longer an imagination!

Let’s meet Personalized Push Notification. With this feature, you’ll get notified before, during, and after your payment is due.

This way, you'll never forget to pay for your Spotify, Apple, and IQIYI account anymore! Woohoo!

No DANA Balance? Don't worry! You can switch the payment method to bank cards!

Live easy by updating your DANA app now!
New in DANA 1.26.1
DANA’s year-end checklist:
✅ Killed some bugs
✅ Made updates here and there
✅ Improved app performance
✅ Keeping the most seamless experience, especially for TemanDANA

We’ve checked all the lists, so make sure to update your DANA app to the latest version!
New in DANA 1.26.0
DANA’s year-end checklist:
✅ Killed some bugs
✅ Made updates here and there
✅ Improved app performance
✅ Keeping the most seamless experience, especially for TemanDANA

We’ve checked all the lists, so make sure to update your DANA app to the latest version!
New in DANA 1.25.0
Announcement: You can now receive Request Money to the bank account!

Yes, you read it right. Use Request Money QR Bank to receive it directly to your personal bank account.

Create a QR code and share it with your friend to start Request Money. You’ll get a notification from DANA once the money is in your bank account.

You can Request Money with a maximum amount of Rp20mil. Payment for online social gatherings or weddings made eaaasy!

Let’s update your DANA app now!
New in DANA 1.24.0
Being left out is no fun
Missing what’s happening
and places that are trending

Don’t miss anything
in these new updates
Like in Nearby where you can share
your fav merchant page through a link
Go share with your friends!

Find the most popular, best-seller vouchers
on DANA Deals without hassle
See also all valuable vouchers
from the nearest merchants around

Make sure you get all the fun things
by updating your DANA app now!
New in DANA 1.23.1
Small gestures, big impact.
Every little thing matters
so you can enjoy DANA app better.

In this update, we brought some improvements here and there.
You might not see it, but we’re sure you can feel it.

Let’s update and enjoy a more seamless experience in the DANA app!
New in DANA 1.22.0
You’re hungry & decided to order a takeaway.

The restaurant is full & you gotta wait.

15 mins. 30 mins. 45 mins. It’s nowhere near ready & you’re getting more hungry!

Thankfully, now we got EAZY Eats* in DANA! Select your favorite restaurant & food first using the app in Pick Up service. When you arrived at the restaurant, your food is also ready to go!

Psst, we also added 37 new providers for the Water feature. Let’s update your DANA app!

*Jabodetabek, Bandung & Surabaya
New in DANA 1.21.0
You know we’ll do anything for your safety & convenience, right?

In this update, we present you with the Face Verification feature for all! Even if you’re not a DANA Premium user, you still can activate it. Let’s keep your account safe, y’all!

We also give you an awesome update on the Nearby & Home Shopping feature. Now you can find any Home Shopping merchants at Nearby. Shopping just got easier & faster from merchants around you. Avoiding crowds, check!

Let’s update now!
New in DANA 1.20.0
Good news for you TemanDANA: our new version comes with awesome updates!

First, Subscriptions feature is now available for Water bill, Postpaid Data & Electricity, plus BPJS auto debit!

Second, get extra Loyalty Points by uploading your shopping receipt photo. Yippee!

Third, any purchase in DANA Deals can be shared directly to Feed to show your friends the hottest deals in DANA!

Fourth, have you tried Face Verification feature? Let’s activate now!

Alright, it's time to update your DANA app!
New in DANA 1.19.0
We will certainly keep the updates exciting for you, even though we're amid the uncertain times. Check it out!

C'mon, let's prepare for your definite future by investing with DANA eMAS. Buy & sell gold anytime you want using DANA Balance. Easy!

Be a reliable reviewer for merchants in Nearby! All of the user reviews will be displayed on Nearby too!

Also, make sure to upgrade to the Premium account with ease with new supporting documents other than KTP!

Let’s go update your DANA app!
New in DANA 1.18.2
Hi, TemanDANA!

We squashed some bugs to serve a better DANA for you.

Update now and enjoy the #GantiDompet experience with DANA!
New in DANA 1.18.0
2020 goes by so quickly. It seems like everything goes in a flash and got you thinking, “Did I miss something?”. Chill, we got you a summary of updates!

In Nearby, we have a special page that displays merchant’s branches. Find the closest merchant & go right away!

Check out Send Money new look! As it gets comfier to do transactions, now you can also share it to Feed too!

Okay, that’s all we got for now. Don’t forget to update your DANA application so you won’t miss anything!
New in DANA 1.17.0
Hi TemanDANA!
Along with the New Normal, we come to serve New Updates that are too precious to be missed!

Good news for DANA Bisnis merchant!
Product Link Payment is available for you to register each of your products & share it repeatedly to customers for payment by link. Quick & easy!

More good deeds with DANA Donasi!
Find lots of social campaigns & make a donation directly using DANA. Every time is a good time to share good deeds!

What're you waiting for? Let's update your DANA app!
New in DANA 1.16.0
Hi, TemanDANA!
Even though we're away,
we still have new updates for you!

Now we have the catchy Nada DANA
for every push notification!

Come check on Nearby!
You can search for any merchant
based on multiple categories.

Have fun at Feed!
With the new Saymoji, you can easily
give emoji reactions to every update
made by your friends!

It's getting easy to pay with QRIS
from the merchant.
Open QRIS image with DANA,
& you can pay right away!

Let's update your DANA app
& stay #DiRumahDuluKak!
New in DANA 1.15.1
Hi TemanDANA, ver 1.15.1 is here!
We made some improvements and squashed bugs to serve a better DANA for you!

Update now and enjoy the #GantiDompet experience with DANA!
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